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About us :

We are
A specialized stock photography dedicated to media and content creators . Taswira provides high quality and authentic photos for media, journalists and content creators by supporting photographers promoting their products.
We offer
A win-win relationship including media, content creators, photographers and Taswira.net
Our mission
Taswira.net builds trust and boosts collaboration within all the media actors. We aim to make a bridge for local media to the worldwide level.
Our vision
A modern media With high quality and authentic content (photos, videos, reports…) that embraces ethics and applies the universal values of journalism and contributes to creating nice and objective images.
Our Contributors
We try to offer opportunity to local photographers by offering them a showcase and a tool to make incomes out of their work.
If you have authentic photos, videos or vector content and you own all the rights, you can become a Taswira contributor. You need to be the sole owner of every file you upload for sale. If your content contains recognizable persons or private property, you also need to attach a signed release.
Our Partners
Taswira is a start-up based in Tunisia. Since our first steps, our partners supported us. We have been selected to participate in Media Loves Tech program 2019 and win the first price. Otherwise Taswira Contest is supported by the Culture Fund of the German Embassy in Tunisia, the project implemented by Gabès Action Association in collaboration with Taswira.net, Cinémas pour Tous Association, the National Chamber of Photographers and the Regional Commissariat of Cultural Affairs in Gabes.
Why we are the best :
AUTHENTICITY : Our contributors are the sole owner of their photos
QUALITY : Our photos are almost always in very high resolution
AVAILABILITY: You can buy your photo immediately
PROXIMITY: We are at your service whenever you need us
TRANSPARENCY: We make the process transparent for all
FULLY RESPONSIVE: We try to be joinable and accessible
RESPONSIBILITY: We make sure that everybody fulfils their obligations
SUSTAINABILITY: Our approach is sustainability oriented

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